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DC CHP Armed 2R & Advanced Firearms

DC CHP Armed 2R & Advanced Firearms

Advanced Firearms & DC CHP Armed 2R

Part 1:  

2R: DC CHP Armed - Security Handgun Training: Requalification

Part 2:

Advanced Defensive Firearms Training 

Defensive Firearms Training: 3 Day Course- 30 Hours  

Firearms Training will consist of: Advanced Defensive Firearms Training, and Advanced CCW Defensive Handgun All calibers, and all self-defense; handguns (note no black powder guns): at our Fixed Course Rate (continental USA pricing only). Note: Pricing is only for USA and Tier 1 countries, as prices may very for Tier 2, and Tier 3 countries. 


Firearm Safety 

Gun Nomenclature and Selecting a Gun for Self-Defense

Firearm Cleaning

Ammunition Knowledge and Defensive Ammunition

Sport Shooting and Training Activities

Loading and Stoppage Remediation


Basic Defensive Gun Skills

Advanced Defensive Gun Skills

Drawing from Concealment

Carry Modes and Gun Concealment

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